Cash on Delivery Services

The scope of activities of the company E-Bill Courier also includes the provision of Cash on Delivery services. The process followed by the company when processing COD shipments either in cash or POS or by check is a very important case for E-Bill Courier, as it ensures faster and more immediate receipt of the COD amount by the recipient and by extending its timely return to its customers.

The payment of cash on delivery is made by E-Bill Courier through bank deposit to its customers in the bank accounts that they have designated at the beginning of the cooperation, completing the contract for the provision of courier services.

Regarding the time of realization of cash on delivery returns:

  • Within the prefecture of Attica, the return is made within twenty-four (24) hours from the receipt of cash on delivery by the recipient.
  • Within Greece the return is made within six (6) working days from the receipt of cash on delivery by the recipient.
  • Out of Greece, this process is supported and carried out, upon your relevant request, with a special financial offer and charge per case.

The goal of E-Bill Courier as a courier company is your timely service and the fastest possible receipt of your money, to meet the needs of the e-shop, your business and / or your company. At the same time, all envelopes and parcels are handled by the postal company E-Bill Courier with consistency, reliability, and professionalism.