Quality Management System

E-Bill Courier company’s Administration is responsible for the Quality Management System and determines the basic management regulations. They define and apply an appropriate and efficient Quality Management System, to have the best possible confirmation that the provided services will always meet the particular needs of the customers.

For achieving the goal, E-Bill Courier applies a Quality Management System and through its organizational structure sets in motion the proper mechanisms for the application of corrective and pre-emptive actions, so that the System is checked about its efficiency and improved where problems or malfunctions are ascertained.

Investing in the constant improvement of its services and their certified quality, our company has developed a Quality Assurance System, to offer high quality services to its customers, in accordance with international practice. As confirmation of this on-going effort, E-Bill Courier possesses ISO TUV AUSTRIA Certification, as well as other international and demanding certifications.

Our company is certified with:

EN ISO 9001 : 2015

Certificate Registration No.: 20001220007729


Quality Management System

ISO 9001 standard specifies the general requirements for developing, implementing and improving the operation of an enterprise in order to fully satisfy customer requirements. The ISO 9001 standard can be applied to any organization that wants to improve its operating mode, regardless of the size or field in which it operates and is the most widely used management model in the world.

ISO 45001 : 2018

Certificate Registration No.: 20152220007728 


Occupational Health & Safety Management System

ISO 45001 standard specifies the general requirements for the establishment of a Health and Safety Management System. It focuses on the effective control of all occupational hazards and on all stakeholders (employees, visitors, suppliers, the wider community), as well as improvements in overall health and safety at work performance.

EN ISO 14001 : 2015

Certificate Registration No. 20104223015086


Environmental Management System

ISO 14001 specifies the general requirements for the establishment of an Environmental Management System in an enterprise and focuses on identifying the environmental impacts of its activities in order to successfully manage and eventually improve its performance in this field. An Environmental Management System ISO 14001 can be implemented and then certified by all categories of organizations, regardless of their subject, product or service.

ISO 39001 : 2012

Certificate Registration No.: 20002220007730

Road Safety Management System

ISO 39001 defines the requirements for road safety management with the main objective of reducing/ eliminating road accidents. The application of ISO 39001 is addressed to companies that manage a fleet of vehicles of every category/size for their day-to-day operation and also to road network operators. The goal of ISO 39001 is to develop and implement processes that will help the organization to control all its activities that affect and are affected by road safety (transportation and relocation of staff, transportation of products, etc).