Delivery 24 hour per day

The courier company E-Bill Courier, having at its disposal a well-equipped fleet of vehicles and a plethora of professional drivers with many years of experience in the field of courier, is able to process the receipt, transport and delivery of your envelope or parcel 24 hours a day. This element is the motivation for choosing E-Bill Courier by a customer as opposed to other courier companies, as E-Bill Courier can arrive, pick up and deliver your shipment 24 hours a day and not only within working hours.

The request for cooperation and consequently receipt of the documents and/or parcels can be registered as follows:

  • Fill in the “Cooperation Application” form found on the Home page of our website www.ebill.com.gr, so that a financial offer can be sent to you by the competent department based on the needs of your business.
  • Once the offer is accepted via e-mail, we send you sealed and signed the courier service contract, so that you can sign it, seal it and forward it to us again.
  • Upon our relevant request, our well-trained staff provides you with instructions regarding the management of the electronic registration platform contained on our website www.ebill.com.gr in the selection of the Home Page “Partner Login”.
  • At the beginning of the cooperation between us, you send us a Receipt Order either by filling in the form of our website www.ebill.com.gr or by email to contact@ebill.com.gr setting the available schedule that we are able to come to pick up from you.
  • We pick up your shipment from your place 24 hours a day within the schedule you set.
  • We deliver to the Recipient within 24 hours in the same city, within 1-2 working days within Greece and within 3-9 working days abroad, upon your request, while we are able to deliver the shipments even to the most inaccessible destinations.