Registration System

The company E-Bill Courier is active in the field of courier services following the rapid developments of technology and modernizing at regular intervals the means it uses. Given the policy maintained by the company E-Bill Courier based on which the courier services it provides are always intertwined with the needs of its customers, its main goal as a courier company is their immediate and effective service.

To achieve this goal, the company E-Bill Courier has created a special electronic registration system, the use of which is very simple and easy for its customers-users. The entrance to this electronic system is made through this website, after the beginning of the cooperation of the company E-Bill Courier with each customer-user. Each customer-user receives one (1) username and passwords when co-signing the contract for the provision of courier services and with these data may enter the electronic registration system and take the following actions:

  • To register and process the vouchers of his shipments.
  • To control the progress of his missions.
  • Access all the entries they have made.
  • To volumetricate his parcels based on the applicable legislation followed by the company.
  • Print the vouchers that will be pasted on the surface of the envelopes and / or packages respectively.
  • To print the pick-up and delivery list of his shipments for their delivery to the courier of the company.
  • To store in PDF format all vouchers of his shipments to be archived and / or send them via email.

Following the sealing of the customer-user’s cooperation with the company E-Bill Courier, training on the use of the electronic registration system is carried out and a detailed guide for its management is sent via email in PDF format. At the same time, the company’s call center is at the disposal of its customers-users 24 hours a day 7 days a week 365 days a year, while the response to the requests of E-Bill Courier customers forwarded via email is immediate through the email address