International services

The company E-Bill Courier, during its cooperation with the respective customer in the context of the provision of courier services on each continent, the processing of the sending of documents, envelopes and / or parcels is processed as follows:

  • Fill in the form located on the Home Page of our website in the field “Application for Cooperation”, so that a financial offer related to your needs is sent to you by the competent department.
  • Once the offer is accepted via email, we send you the sealed service contract, sealed and signed, so that you can sign it, complete it, seal it and forward it to us again.
  • Upon your request, our well-trained workforce will train you in the management of the electronic registration system included on our website in the field located at the top right of the Home Page entitled « Partner Entry “.
  • At the beginning of the cooperation between us, you find on the Home page of our website the passage that refers you to fill in the Receipt Order form or send an email to setting the available schedule that we can come to pick up from you.
  • The collection is done 24 hours a day from your place within the schedule that you will set for us.
  • Delivery to the Recipient takes place within three – nine (3-9) working days upon your request, while we deliver the shipments even to destinations that become difficult to access, if weather conditions allow.

Envelopes and parcels are handled by E-Bill Courier with consistency, speed and professionalism. Receipt, transport and delivery of your envelopes and / or parcels takes place worldwide with an average delivery time of three – nine (3-9) working days. Based on its unparalleled and many years of experience in the field of courier, the company E-Bill Courier can offer reliable services according to the needs of each business, professional and / or individual.