Division in Zones

The company E-Bill Courier, aiming at your immediate and efficient service around the world, has divided the continents into countries, cities and prefectures respectively, so that it can process shipments even in the most remote and / or inaccessible areas.

This whole process has been carried out by our company E-Bill Courier so that everyone can be divided into regions and provinces by postal code and any locations requested to be accessed by our drivers / couriers can be easily identified. All postal codes are registered in our electronic system, which during your registration can automatically fill in the service area of ​​the sender and the recipient respectively.

Indicatively, the division into zones is done as follows:

Courier services’ zones within the area of Attica
Zone 1: Prefecture of AtticaZone 2: Prefecture of Attica
AthensThe rest of Attica basin areas
Courier zones within Greece
Land DestinationsIsland Destinations
*Central GreeceNorth Aegean Islands
PeloponneseSouth Aegean Islands
EpirusIonian Islands
*MacedoniaOther Island Destinations
*Thrace* Island destinations also include
islands that geographically belong
to prefectures of mainland Greece.

For further details, regarding the individual zoning of Greece, please visit our website www.ebill.com.gr


For further details regarding the individual zoning of the continents, please visit our website www.ebill.com.gr