E-BILL COURIER’s policy in the field of Quality, Environmental Management, Health & Safety of employees and Road Safety is based on the following principles:

All employees participate in the achievement of continuous improvement of the Management System within the limits of their responsibility, expertise and education.

The company preserves the confidentiality of operations, which must be carried out under a regime of complete confidentiality and safety.

The reliability of the work carried out shall be ensured in order to provide results that are impartial, valid and acceptable, free from doubt, ambiguity, ambivalence or misinterpretation.

The company guarantees the full application of quality standards for all its services, which shall be in accordance with the client’s requirements and with the applicable legislation.

Close and constructive cooperation with clients.

The continuous effort for the continuous improvement of the management system and the quality of the services provided, aiming at zero amount of customer complaints and failures in the provision of distribution services.

To comply with Health and Safety in legislative and administrative regulations, to provide a healthy and safe working environment in order to achieve the highest level by aligning ourselves with global standards and to ensure the sustainability of this achievement by preventing occupational accidents and diseases.

Establishing environmental objectives, defining the environmental aspects on which it operates, determining and assessing potential occupational hazards and determining the ways in which environmental or occupational accidents will be avoided, commits to comply with the requirements of the above standards and to faithfully comply with legal and regulatory requirements.

In addition, the Management of E-BILL COURIER is committed to:

  • Compliance with the requirements of ISO standards and legal and regulatory requirements
  • The establishment of objectives for quality, environmental management, health and safety of employees including road safety.
  • Meeting the needs of all internal and external stakeholders
  • The prevention of pollution,
  • the prevention of occupational accidents and diseases,
  • the prevention of road accidents,
  • Compliance with applicable legal and regulatory requirements, which are mainly related to the environmental aspects of the company,
  • Communicating this policy to all employees with the aim that employees are aware of their individual obligations,
  • The continuous improvement of the Quality, Environment, Occupational Health & Safety and Road Safety Management System.

The commitment to continuous improvement of the Management System aims to sustainably grow the business and increase business to provide its staff with continuous development, and ensure the sustainability of the business.