Terms of Use


The www.ebill.com.gr webpage, henceforth called “the webpage”, belongs to the company named E-BILL E.E. and bearing the trade name “E-Bill Courier”, which has its Head Office in Aghios Dimitrios, Attica.

Use of e-Bill Courier’s webpage, as well as rights and obligations associated with it, are governed by the terms and conditions which are listed below and are in effect for the totality of its contents, as well as for its individual pages.

The webpage is provided by E-Bill Courier and is addressed only to juridical or natural persons with full legal capacity, and who are able of entering in to legally binding agreements, as long as these are in compliance with the legislation in effect. Moreover, use of both the content and the applications of the webpage is prohibited to persons who are younger than 18 years old.

Browsing, accessing and using the webpage and any services that it provides, constitutes a presumption of the visitor/user having studied, understood and accepted all terms of use. For this reason, the visitor is invited to read their content in advance, whereas if the visitor/user does not agree to the webpage’s terms of use, it is necessary that they do not use its services and content.

E-Bill Courier has the right to unilaterally modify the terms and conditions at any time and without prior warning. The currently valid version of the Terms of Use will be posted online by the company, whereas if the user continues to make use of the webpage and/or its services, this will constitute a presumption of acceptance of the new terms. Therefore, each user is kindly requested to check on the terms of use at regular intervals.

The terms of use of E-Bill Courier’s webpage, as well as each modification thereof, exist and are based on the national and Community law, as well as on any possibly applicable, relevant international treaties. If any provision of the aforementioned terms is determined to be in contrast with the legislation in effect, or itself ceases to be in effect, then it ceases to be in effect in its own right and is automatically removed from this document, without affecting the validity of the rest of the terms.

At the same time, if any terms of use are considered partially or wholly invalid or inapplicable, the rest of them, in part or in their entirety, continue being in effect and/or being valid. The invalid or inapplicable terms will be replaced with terms which will be close, in terms of meaning, to the invalid or inapplicable ones.

If any disputes arise between the implementation of the terms and the actual use of the webpage by the visitor/user, theses will be initially settled in an amicable manner, but, if this proves not to be feasible, they will be governed by Greek Law and the Courts of Athens will have exclusive competence in examining them.

The Intellectual Property Rights Declaration – Security & Confidentiality Poly, the Webpage Use Instructions, as well as the user guides of the applications which are installed in every application separately, constitute an inseparable and binding part of E-Bill courier’s terms of use. All these are arrayed in separate documents, in order for them to be more understandable and clearer, as well as more easily accessible to the users.

Intellectual Property Rights Declaration (Copyright) – E-Bill Courier brands

The content of the webpage (programmes, informational material of all sorts, data, software, graphics, brand-names, trade names, logos etc.) constitutes intellectual property belonging to E-Bill E.E. and is protected under the national, Community and international legislation currently in effect. Any modification, publication, transmission, transfer, reproduction, distribution, connection, downloading or exploitation in any other way, in whole or in part, of the webpage’s content, in any manner or through any means, is prohibited without the prior, explicit and written permission of E-Bill E.E., which reserves all its legal rights.

The content of E-Bill Courier’s webpage is provided to the visitors/users for personal use and it is not permitted to be made available for commercial purposes.

The third-party products or services which may be mentioned in E-Bill Courier’s webpage and bear the brands of the respective organisations, companies, associated bodies, unions or publications, constitute their own intellectual and industrial property.

Use of links to third-party websites

In case that the webpage provides the capability of accessing third-party webpages through hyperlinks (links), this will be done for the facilitation of the visitors/users, whereas use of these links will be done with the sole responsibility of the visitors/users themselves and the respective webpages will be governed by their own terms of use, for which E-Bill Courier bears no responsibility. Moreover, E-Bill Courier does not guarantee the availability of third-party websites and neither approves nor bears any responsibility regarding either their content, correctness, legality, fullness, information timeliness and accuracy, or the quality and properties of the products or services which are provided by these persons through the aforementioned websites. E-Bill Courier is also not responsible for third-party webpage errors or improper function, as well as for any damage incurred by users accessing and using the information, services and products provided through these webpages.

Webpage accuracy – Antivirus Protection – E-Bill Courier Limitation of liability – Waiver

This webpage may contain inaccuracies or typos, which will be corrected by E-Bill Courier at its discretion, if detected. However, E-Bill Courier cannot make guarantees regarding the accuracy, fullness, correctness, timeliness or non-violation of the webpage’s content for any use, application or purpose. Moreover, the company does not guarantee that any mistakes will be corrected necessarily or in full, or that all questions posed will be answered.

Whereas E-Bill Courier makes every possible effort in order to safeguard against the appearance of viruses in this webpage, it does not guarantee that the webpage’s functions will remain uninterrupted or free of any kind of errors and viruses, nor is it responsible for any loss of data or other type of damage incurred by the visitor/user or third parties, due to either using/copying/downloading or through alteration or infection with a virus, or other prohibited third-party interventions in files and information which are provided through the webpage in question.

Each visitor is obliged to take all necessary security measures (e.g. antivirus software) prior to any download from this webpage. The cost of the possible corrections or repairs is borne solely by the visitor/user and in no case by E-Bill Courier.

E-Bill Courier postal service bears no responsibility for the temporary unavailability of the webpage, for the interruption of individual or all of its functions or applications, or for any malfunction or technical issues which may arise.

E-Bill Courier does not bear – under any circumstances, including the case of negligence – responsibility against the visitor/user or any third party regarding any form of damage, be it direct or indirect, regarding property or money, which is related in any way with the use of the webpage, navigating to it and using the services or information contained in it.

User Conduct

The webpage’s users are obliged to comply with the rules and provisions of the Greek, European and International Law, along with the pertinent legislation which governs telecommunications, and to abstain from any illegal and abusive conduct while using the webpage and in relation to it. The webpage’s user is responsible for any damage caused to E-Bill Courier’s website which has to do with the improper or illegitimate use of the webpage and the services provided through it. In case that E-Bill Courier is engaged in any court action or is called to pay any kind of compensation which is due to a violation of the user’s obligations as these are described in the current terms, the user will have to compensate E-Bill Courier for that reason.

If, in order to access specific information, a security code (P.I.N.) which is provided by E-Bill Courier is required, each user is solely responsible for ensuring the confidentiality of their codes and solely bears the risk of damage, to themselves or E-Bill Courier, through a third party gaining access to their codes in whatever manner.

Access to the Webpage’s Applications – Simple & Registered User

The details which are filled in during registration must be full and truthful, and should necessarily include the following: name(-s) and surname, valid e-mail address.

In order to facilitate the users of its services, E-Bill Courier provides some dynamic applications through its webpage, such as the conditional access to monitoring the progress of shipments for any user, searching for the closest branch of the company’s network, calculating an indicative shipment cost, displaying invoices or receipts for services provided (T.P.Y. & A.P.Y., resp.) and more.

Use of these applications is permitted only for the aforementioned reasons and they are there in a purely informative capacity. E-Bill Courier bears no responsibility whatsoever in case of any erroneous input of a detail or any damage incurred by the user through the use of the information or application in question. Especially regarding the application which has to do with details pertaining to a specific shipment, the information outputted from the application in question is meant solely for the user that has placed the order for that shipment or for the person on behalf of whom shipping was made, and use from any third party is strictly prohibited. It is a strictly personal service and therefore ceding any sender’s right to use the application relating to the shipment and associated information, is not feasible. Any access or use by a third-party that has not been explicitly authorised for this, is strictly prohibited.

In any case, a user’s registration predisposes the explicit and unreserved acceptance of E-Bill Courier’s terms of use in advance, which is necessary if the user registration process is to be completed. By accepting the terms of use and completing their registration, the user is considered to have unreservedly accepted the following:

  1. That they will use, operate and/or install the applications in their computerised systems based on the instructions and terms which are included in the applications’ distribution and operation instructions (“user guide” or “Terms of Operation”), available on the webpage, and which instructions the user has thoroughly studied and fully understood in advance.
  2. That they will use the most improved version of the applications, as this will be updated and made available by E-Bill Courier, each time.
  3. That by using E-Bill Courier’s applications and when it is the user that performs the preparation or even the shipment order, they accept the validity of these shipments and the fees which E-Bill Courier bills for those, according with its official pricelist at the time or according to any existing, more specific, written agreements.
  4. That E-Bill Courier postal service has only ceded to them the right to use the electronic applications, but not the associated intellectual property rights, which remain the full, exclusive and undisputed ownership of the company and, therefore, the user does not have the right to sell them or to, in general, further cede the right of their use them to third parties.
  5. That the electronic applications and the “user guide” are provided by E-Bill Courier to the user “as is” and E-Bill Courier does not guarantee their functionality and under no conditions does it bear responsibility for any kind of loss or damage (including indicatively any sort or property or financial loss, loss of profits) which the user may incur through their use, waiving explicitly and unreservedly any possible relevant claim against E-Bill Courier for any damage that they may incur, for any reason, through the use of the applications.
  6. That they are solely responsible for safeguarding and ensuring the confidentiality of the access codes for E-Bill Courier’s Electronic Applications, which are provided to the user solely for their own use, and it is exclusively the user who bears the risk of possible damage, either to themselves or to E-Bill Courier, through possible access – in whatever manner – by a third party. Even in case that a registered user wants to cede access/-es to their account to third-parties – other users – they may declare them to E-Bill Courier through the electronic application “access management” without making their own personal access details known to those persons. In any case, the responsibility of ceding access permission to other users is borne by the person ceding the permission, whereas E-Bill Courier bears no responsibility at all.
  7. That the user account and its registration has been completed with a valid and constantly working, personal electronic mail (e-mail) address, to which the user has personal and sole access; in case that the opposite is determined, the company can proceed with unilateral cancelation.
  8. That the user must immediately notify E-Bill Courier postal service, at the contact@ebill.com.gr e-mail address, in case that any third party gains knowledge pertaining to the access code or if there is any unauthorised use of the user’s e-mail address, or in case that the user perceives of any security breach.
  9. That, in case that acceptance of the applications’ terms and conditions is requested of the user, via electronic means, at any point in time, and should the user electronically accept them (via relevant electronic acceptance – clicking or pressing “Enter” on a pertinent button on-screen – in an area where access may be gained only through the use of the user’s own, unique codes), then the user will be accepting full knowledge of the terms and conditions, and that these are accepted explicitly and unreservedly, as if this had been done in writing.
  10. That the user accepts and guarantees the accuracy of their own electronic inputs and selections, and that the user bears exclusive responsibility in case of erroneous or inaccurate input.


For any sort of information, clarification, submission of any kind of request: for changes in the details or cancelation or restriction with respect to the access to or use of E-Bill Courier’s Electronic Applications mentioned in this document, the user may visit the company’s electronic webpage (www.ebill.com.gr) and log in to their account (as long as they possess one or they have registered) by selecting the appropriate settings, or send an electronic message to the contact@ebill.com.gr e-mail address.

For any communication specifically with the webpage manager, any user can send an electronic message to the contact@ebill.com.gr e-mail address.

Specifically regarding any question that pertains to the reproduction rights of any part of the webpage’s content, as well as to approval requests for reproducing content, you may address your messages to the contact@ebill.com.gr e-mail address, so they may be forwarded to the relevant department of the company.