Registration System

E-Bill Courier is active in the field of courier services, following the rapid developments of technology and regularly modernizing the means it uses. Given the policy of E-Bill Courier, according to which the courier services it provides are always interwoven with the needs of its customers, its main objective as a courier company is to serve them promptly and efficiently.

In order to achieve this objective, E-Bill Courier has created a special electronic registration system, the use of which is very simple and easy for its customers-users. The entry into this electronic system is made through this website, after the start of the cooperation between E-Bill Courier and each customer-user. Each customer-user receives one (1) user name and password when signing the courier service contract and with these data he/she can enter the electronic registration system and perform the following actions:

  • To register and process the vouchers of its shipments.
    Check the progress of his missions.

  • Have access to all the entries he has made.

  • To weigh his parcels in accordance with the legislation in force and the company's own legislation.

  • To print the vouchers to be affixed to the surface of the envelopes and/or parcels respectively.

  • To print the pick-up and delivery list of his consignments for delivery to the company's courier.

  • To save in PDF format all the vouchers of his shipments for archiving and/or sending them via email.

Following the sealing of the customer-user's cooperation with E-Bill Courier, training on the use of the electronic registration system is carried out and a detailed guide for its management is sent by email in PDF format. At the same time, the company's call centre is available to its customer-users 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, while the response to the requests of E-Bill Courier customers forwarded by email is immediate via the e-mail address (email)