Prohibited items

E-Bill Courier does not, based on applicable legislation, undertake the transportation of the following documents and items:

  • Animals
  • Plants
  • Money
  • Insufficiently packaged fragile items
  • Activated bank cards
  • Prepaid cards for fixed and mobile telephony
  • Gold in any form
  • Golden watches
  • Jewellery
  • Precious stones & metals
  • Antiquities
  • Art work
  • Perishable foods
  • Non-reproducible documents or items (e.g. correspondence/films/videos of personal value, stamps, lottery tickets, antiques)
  • Flammable, explosive & radioactive material
  • Narcotic substances
  • Pollutive, corrosive & poisonous substances
  • Types or parts of weaponry
  • Biological material
  • Pornographic material, and
  • General items for which transportation is prohibited by international treaties or Organisations (IATA, ICAO) and/or the regulations of European Community and/or National legislation.

The parcel’s Sender is obliged to solemnly declare that the order does not include any of the aforementioned items when they place their signature during parcel collection by an E-Bill Courier employee.